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Is i possible to use a router instead of getting multiple fathom Xs

i want to use an IP camera but requires me to buy another Fathom X. my question is if it is possible to attach the rasp pi and the ip camera(s) to the router and then connect the router to the fathom x. then on the top side, attach a router to the Fathom X and view the cameras on 1 laptop with a CCTV program and QGC on the other laptop so i can control the rov. is this possible. if so, where do i plug in the ethernet cables. do they all go in the LAN port or do i attach the laptop to the WAN port. This is the gray area for me so i’m looking for advice

Hello @jjabraham, what you want to do is certainly possible. You should look to learn about tcp/ip networking, LANs, network switches and routers.

this is super helpful especially the network switches. i will definitely be doing a lottttttt of research into it

I did some research on how to apply routers and switches but i do have some questions.

  • in order to use 2 computers (1 for QGC and the other for a CCTV software), should i use another Ethernet switch for the top as well so i can use two computers?

*can i use a router for the top side control station so i can wireless connect the two computers. i got this idea when i was reading through the “wireless” tab on QGC installation guide. if that is the case, how do i specifically communicate with the right device. for example i want one computer to communicate with the Raspberry Pi for QGC and i want the other laptop to communicate with the camera. Do i have to enter the IP address of each device in the TCP/IPv4 of the router when i am in control panel and click properties?

Second camera (BlueROV2) …maby this will help :wink:

Thank you very much for showing me that thread!!! it definitely validated a lot of my concerns and ideas about incorporating a network switch but i am in the grey area when it comes to the router and using 2 computers. it would be nice to wireless connect laptop to the rov using a router like the TPlink Nano router, but i need to use 2 computers to view 2 different programs (QGC and a CCTV software). i’m not sure how to connect the laptop and the IP camera together. do you enter the IP address of the camera in the properties of the TCP/IPv4 of the laptop that will be running the. i am also confused on which switch to buy. some offer up to a 100mbps and other offer 1000 mbps. the Fathom X can only handle 80mbps so should i get the the 100mbps one?. sorry for the long rant of questions but i’m really stuck