Conect the bluerov to a router?

Has somebody try to conect the Fathom-X Tether to a router? have you conect diferents devices at the same time to the rov? for example 2 laptops or a tablet (with the QGC) and a laptop?
Thank you

It’s easier to do it with a switch. You only need to bring a router into the mix if you want the external firewall. But with a switch I have had things talking to other things.

It’s possible to connect the ROV to a router and connect multiple devices, but it will require some networking experience.

The ROV is configured for a static ip of, and it expects the controlling computer to be on a static ip of The video stream is currently sent to only this address, however the telemetry connection is broadcast on the 192.168.2 subnet. Multicast video support is not implemented yet.

We don’t recommend using a wireless connection due to the detrimental impacts on latency, reliability and bandwidth. Like @piercet recommends, I suggest using a switch for this sort of thing.


I am thinking to use a router with the out side ip: so all the devices that are conected to the router can see the bluerov. The other option will be a switch. thanks, in september I return to the institute and I will try both