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Using MAVLinks commands to intepret RC command inputs for use in ArduSub


(Jose) #1

Hi all! I was hoping to see if anyone has had success or found any literature regarding using MAVLinks commands to allow the use of RC transmitters and receivers for thruster and servo controls with ArduSub? I have been having difficulty trying to figure out how to use the MAVLinks commands to integrate the RC commands into the ArduSub software. From the ArduSub manual, I see that the companion computer, RPI, should be connected to the surface computer via ethernet. However is there a way to replace that connection with a 75mHz transmitter and receiver with the MAVLinks commands to communicate with the computing system?If not, can the ArduSub software be used as localized, closed loop stabilizing system with inputs only from the PixHawk and outputs directed through the Arduino to the thrusters and servos that adjust pitch? I am not very experienced using MAVLinks or the ArduSub software yet, so I have come to you guys for assistance. I would like to use the RC system so I can make it wireless, without the ethernet cable tether since the ROV would be battery powered. Any advice/suggestions is appreciated!

[Autonomous BlueROV2] MavLink/Ardusub help
(Patrick José Pereira) #2

Hi @josealacal12,

You may want to check MAV_CMD_DO_SET_SERVO command, to set a desired PWM value as output, here you can find a list of common mavlink commands.

This software layer diagram between raspberry and topside computer shows that you receive the pixhawk telemetry by udp, you’ll be able to interact using mavlink with ROS (roslaunch mavros apm.launch fcu_url:=udp:// or pymavlink.