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Upper Goose Lake, Washington

This video isn’t very interesting and/or watchable, but I wanted to keep posting here since nobody is posting their dives very often.

Today I did a quick dive at Upper Goose Lake after work. This is only my 4th dive, so I’m still paranoid about getting snagged on something on the bottom. I should have both of the Ping sonars installed this weekend, which should make these lower visibility dives a lot more fun and safer. I used VLC to hardcode the subtitles and they are flashing for some reason in the converted video.


Hi @btrue! Thanks for sharing! I know the thread may seem light with postings, but I am confident we have many in our community who watch this space and love seeing BlueROV2s out in the wild! I also appreciate our users who post here, as it makes my job of selling and marketing our products much easier :slight_smile:

Some of the best BlueROV2 pilots out there are the ones who not only have snagged the tether on an obstacle but managed to safely untangle the cable :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck and keep us posted on your adventures!

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