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Upper Goose Lake 4/30/2021 Boat Launch

I did a quick dive at Upper Goose lake this morning around the boat launch. Luckily no one was there. Unfortunate, All of the boaters and RVs have appeared around my usual spots, so my options for dive sites is rapidly decreasing as more people start going outside.

I’m not sure about how to integrate google drive pictures here. Hopefully it worked.

Both Ping Viewers lost communication with the sonars at the start of the dive so I didn’t have any sonar for this dive. I decided to stay in the shallows where the visibility was good so I didn’t get too lost. There was a lot of interesting stuff to look at in this area. I think it’s a good idea anyways to do some dives without sonar so I can work on my other navigation skills and don’t become too reliant on it.

I was surprised at how good the camera looked this dive, but that was probably because of the high contrast environment with a lot of ambient light.

2:18 - A big fish started following me and made regular reappearances throughout the dive.
6:47 - Finally navigated to the boat launch.
14:59 - I think I found some sunglasses, but I can’t grab them yet

There was a ton of trash in the area. I got my Newton Gripper this week and should have it installed this weekend, so this would be a good place to test it out in the next few weeks and see how much trash I can get. The end of the boat launch is less than 4 feet deep, so maybe the boaters coming in had to throw their trash overboard in order to lighten the boat to raise it out of the water high enough to clear the shallow ramp. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Looks lovely :slight_smile:
Hopefully you can find some spots that aren’t great for boating but where the ROV works well or something, assuming the crowdedness or boat proximity becomes an issue.

Short of uploading it here separately, that seems to be as good as you can get for an image hosted on google drive. At least it gives a little preview :slight_smile:

Interesting. I’ve found that power-cycling the ROV (or at least restarting the RPi) tends to sort that out, but that can be problematic if you’re already mid-dive and don’t want to pull it out again, and also don’t want some time when you’re not in control while it’s restarting.

Fish was fun to see. As a note, if you add the timestamps and descriptions to the description of your youtube video, it’ll detect them and automatically add segments to the video for easy jumping to the specified times :slight_smile:

That’s frustrating, although I guess a positive in you getting to practice ROV control.
Aware you’re likely joking, but I’d hope the boaters would throw their trash onto the ramp so they could collect it once the boat is out. Regardless, hopefully it’s possible to collect without too much difficulty, and doesn’t become a growing problem.