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Lake Chelan, Washington

I went to Lake Chelan yesterday to test the deep diving performance. The day started out rough when it seemed like everything was going wrong and I accidentally scraped the camera dome when I was moving the trim weights around, but then I calmed down and got everything working. I used HandBrake to hardcode the subtitles while converting the .mkv files to .mp4, and it seems to work better than VLC.

First dive I got to 250.6 feet deep. There was noticeable tether drag, but I had basically all 150 meters of tether deployed:

Second dive was just playing around in the shallower water. I got the Ping sonars working and I also quickly found some new dive buddies:

The line with the bottles on it is for a SCUBA navigation line. I went diving there last year if you want to see how the ROV dive is a lot different than SCUBA dives: https://youtu.be/DyAIosQfsJc


@btrue - This looks great! Nice work and thanks for sharing the results. I really love the overlaid Ping and Ping360 plots that you added to the video. That’s really nice.