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Soap Lake, WA 1/30/2021

Disclaimer: I don’t see anything interesting so it might be a good idea to skip this adventure.

I went back to Soap Lake today on that northeastern corner and it went a lot better than I was expecting, but I still didn’t see anything other than sand. It’s very nice to dive in an environment with zero entanglement hazards.
I started taking videos on my phone when I surface to check my position, which hopefully improves the quality of the videos. I start the phone videos looking at the dive time in QGroundControl and then it’s very easy to sync it to the dive time on the ROV stream subtitles.

1:05 - Depth Hold Malfunction
7:12 - Ducks swim over ROV
20:38 - Last row of tether on spool, Turn around point, Max depth 10.2 feet
35:25 - Action shot of the ROV surfacing down the shoreline
49:24 - Action shot of ROV

The dried minerals coating the rocks next to shore was hard like concrete (as expected). It gave me great traction while walking around which is a nice change from the usual loose gravel and algae covered rocks.

Only interesting sonar image is the tether on the surface as I fly past it:

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