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Potholes Reservoir, WA 2/4/2020

I was originally going to Upper Goose Lake to test the new ArduSub version for Depth Hold fix (Depth Hold Problems? - BlueROV2 and ArduSub - Blue Robotics Community Forums), but I saw that the boat launch that I like was empty so I had to take advantage of it. Algae enthusiasts will really like this dive site right now. The water is a little too chunky for my tastes.

I wanted to do a more thorough exploration of the big rock that I found last time (Potholes Reservoir, WA 1/22/21 - Dive Log - Blue Robotics Community Forums). I remember that it was just past a tire and the sonar shadow was impossible to miss (about 12:15 in that video). This time I went past the tire, saw the sonar shadow, and then found a completely different rock (about 13:45 in this video). Turns out that this tire is a different one about 5 feet deeper than the one I found last time. I don’t know why there is so many tires there.

3:22 Ping Viewer crashed
5:31 Depth Hold Test
8:06 Depth Hold Test
11:29 Weird hole in ground
13:33 Tire
14:46 Testing forward scan of Ping360
19.20 Depth Hold Test
21:35 I though I saw another tire on Sonar and went to investigate. It was just a rock
22:31 Big rock
25:52 Depth Hold Test
27:26 Blasting algae off of rock for fun
28:19 Dead crawdad?

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