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Someone had a bad day

I went out for another ROV adventure last Saturday about a hour before the sun was setting, but I was ‘forced’ to go back to Soda Lake since there was multiple boat trailers at the planned primary and secondary sites, and my tertiary site was disappointing when I went there a few days ago. I was shocked at how much the visibility has improved in the month since I first explored it.

This is just a highlight video of the treasures discovered since the rest of the dive wasn’t too interesting. I will still probably upload it to my youtube channel sometime, but I don’t think I will make a new topic for it. Update, Full video here: https://youtu.be/h_7cDnVqSUE

It’s interesting to note that I couldn’t get Ping360 to clearly see any of these objects. I might need to adjust the settings in Ping Viewer or change how I fly the ROV.

0:00 Outboard Motor
2:45 Tackle Box #1
3:37 Tackle Box #2

I think the spiral in the middle is the tether. I see that spiral shape suddenly appear and disappear on the next scan once in a while.


When I am diving I see the spiral of the tether come and go. You might not see low items on the lake bed because (depending on the mounting of the Ping 360) the sonar “beam” might be going over the top.