Upgrading to Pixhawk Cube

Hi there,

I was using pixhawk 1 in the past and now I am using RPI 4+ Navigator board. Since the latter configuration runs the ardupilot software on Raspberry itself, the raspberry pi came across some issues, when processing mavlink commands. And also I am experiencing some issues with ethernet connection on this configuration (RASPBERRY PI4 + NAVIGATOR ethernet problem)

So now, I decided to use embedded system like pixhawk + RPI again. But instead of using Pixhawk 1, I wonder if there is any other autopilot board that has more quality than pixhawk 1. I have used pixhawk cube in the past with my UAV systems, and I wonder if this works well with ardusub as well.

Is there anyone who use pixhawk cube on ardusub systems? Are you satisfied with its performance?

I would be also glad to hear your other autopilot card (which runs ardupilot) recommendations.

Thanks for the answers in advance.

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Hi @elchinaslanli,

This post is the only one I’m aware of with somebody successfully running ArduSub on a Pixhawk Cube. If it’s relevant, note that BlueOS should detect Cube Orange boards.

Our recommended autopilots list may be of interest here, along with the ArduPilot autopilot hardware list linked to from the same page.