Unmarked PCB for thruster control

I was just testing the motors on the BlueROV through the QGC interface and found that my vertical thrusters were not working. I inspected the vehicle and found that the LED’s were not lit on the motor controller boards and they were not outputting any voltage even though they were powered just fine.

My issue is that these boards do not have any markings or resemble anything I can find on the bluerobotics store. Can you help me figure out how to replace two of these boards?

Hi @cmarq,

It’s from before my time at Blue Robotics, but that looks to be an older version of our Basic ESC.

Here’s the closest photo match I could find from our website internals, which is from the other side of the PCB, but seems to have the board shape, cable colours, and holes along the side:

Note that

So hopefully someone else will find that info about the old esc helpful for them. For me, that actually turned out to not be the issue. The issue is that the SERVO5_FUNCTION and SERVO6_FUNCTION were set as RCIN instead of motor 5 and motor 6 respectively. I believe this was set this way when I updated the firmware from 0.0.15 to 0.0.31. Not sure if that is a bug or not, but thrusters are all working now

Glad you’ve managed to resolve your issue :slight_smile:

The Companion software (which runs on the onboard Raspberry Pi computer) is not the same as ArduSub (the autopilot firmware which runs on the flight controller). Updating Companion is unrelated to the autopilot parameters, so that doesn’t make much sense. I’m not sure what would actually have caused it though - seems odd.

In general if something stops working like that it’s probably a good idea to make sure you’re on the latest recommended QGC version, then go to the Parameters page and do Tools/reset all to firmware's defaults, and potentially double-check the selected vehicle frame (on the Frame page) as well :slight_smile:

That’s good info to know. I also updated Ardusub to 4.1. I’m not sure if it was these parameters were set like that before the update. I did not try the thrusters before updating as I knew the firmware was old and needed updating when I received the vehicle

I will definitely check the frame parameters.

Thanks for the help!

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