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Blue esc not working

Help. Ran a bucket test when everything arrived.

T200 thruster, Thruster Command, and Blue esc.
That all went fine and I put everything together and mounted thruster.
Now the green lights come on and the start beeping, prop tries to turn then nothing
When off prop turns freely
Tested motor leads and all about 1.3 ohms with each other
Command has green light and when the pot is turned up or down the lights there also dim or get brighter accordingly.
I suspect Esc not working. Any advice would be appreciated


Hi @BenBen ,

To clarify, are you asking about the integrated Blue ESC, which was built into the thrusters and discontinued since April 2016, or the Basic ESC R3 (which happens to be blue)?


Definitely my bad in describing this. I bought all of this in April.
Blue Robotics basic ESC 2-6s/7-26 v is on the blue side. I do not see any marking. I’d have to dig for shipping papers to be more specific.

So yes Basic ESC R3

Hi @BenBen, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What are the beeps like? As per the Learn tab of the ESC product page, there should be three beeps rising in frequency when the ESC is connected to power (one for each phase of the motor being detected), then when you send a 1500us pulse for a few seconds there should be a low beep followed by a high beep to indicate the ESC is initialised and the thruster is armed. From there you should be able to control the thruster as desired.

I’m guessing you might have missed step 5 of the thruster commander Learn tab, which specifies that

If that’s not the issue, then either something is broken (as you initially suspected), or you’ve connected something the wrong way around (e.g. the ESC signal cable - the white (signal) wire should be on the side with the tilde (~), and the black (ground) one should be in the GND position).