Basic ESC with Potentiometer

Hello, I am attempting to recreate the basic esc, T200 thruster and potentiometer setup. I have all of the connections set up as the guide but the esc is not arming and I do not hear the initial beeps, so the thruster does not start up. I power the esc before the arduino and uploading the code.

To connect the battery to the terminal block I used spade to banana jack convertor and xt90 to banana plug connectors. I used the same battery as the guide. Is there any steps I can take to troubleshoot or is there an issue with the wiring of the battery to esc?

Hi @ang33, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The first three (rising pitch) beeps from the thruster indicate the ESC’s connection to all three motor phases. Those are unrelated to the control signal, so if they are not occurring then either the ESC

  1. is not receiving power,
    • check that the battery is charged, and the power wiring is correct
  2. is not connected to the thruster,
    • if possible measure the resistance between the thruster wires to make sure they’re not broken, and confirm that they’re connected to the ESC
  3. is faulty/broken

If you’ve checked options 1 and 2 then please contact with a description of the issue you’re running into, and your order number (or at least rough order date) for the components.