Underwater GPS connects to NMEA 2000

On my boat there is a Furuno Satellite Compass. It is very accurate and very expensive costing $2k. The underwater GPS system has it’s own GPS. Any chance the Underwater GPS has connections for NMEA 2000 or 0183 to tap into the Furuno? Looking for a system to use my GPS, not their.

Hi William, it is possible to use the system with an external gps input, but it will require some programming and an additional computer. You can see some examples of using the Water Linked API here: GitHub - waterlinked/examples: Water Linked Underwater GPS API examples.

Thanks Jacob:
Any more details about this set up? Price, any guide to follow about system configuration, os and the like?


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@RogueWave You may want to try reaching out to the Water Linked team I see in their manual that they have settings for external positioning and heading (Page 17), but not clear instructions on how to use it.

Bill, you will have to write a program using the Water Linked API. The language and os used are arbitrary.

The documentation for the API is here: Waterlinked API - Swagger UI

Python examples are here: GitHub - waterlinked/examples: Water Linked Underwater GPS API examples

Thank you for the reply will look into it

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In case someone stumbles upon this later. It’s a great idea to integrate with the GPS/Compass in a boat and you don’t need to do any programming to connect a NMEA GPS/Compass to Underwater GPS. See more details here: Water Linked Underwater GPS NMEA bridge

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