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Use the GPS onboard my boat as reference for the WL system

Just recieved my Waterlinked system with the BR kit and got it up and running.
This lead me to the next task that is use of the GPS in my boat that has integrated compas as well. Guess that will be more accurate than the budget version with the kit.

Can this be done with use of a NMEA2000 - USB gateway directly to my computer and recieve it on master D1 from there?

Svein H.

That is a good idea to use external positioning, and even better an external heading sensor to Waterlinked UW GPS. The built in is not reliable.
Way to do this is sending NMEA sentences from a running python module to the Waterlinked system.
That means having a Python program module running at your topside computer.
That module sends commands to WL over the network.
I would go for NMEA 0183 instead of NMEA 2000
Example : https://discuss.bluerobotics.com/t/underwater-gps-connects-to-nmea-2000/2659

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We have made a new application which is easier to install than the Python scripts. Feel free to test and give feedback: Water Linked Underwater GPS NMEA bridge


I’m using this device as a NMEA to WiFi bridge (for other applications than the waterlinked GPS), it works quite well : https://www.yachtd.com/products/wifi_gateway.html. And their technical support is great.

The GPS, heading sensor, autopilot and the bridge are connected to the NMEA2000 network. The bridge’s server provides NMEA0183 messages as we are used to (GGA, HDG etc.).

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