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Unable to upload px4 file

I’m having a problem with ardusub and the companion computer.

I am suddenly unable to upload a new firmware file through the companion computer (browser). I click the upload button and there is no response. Same goes for when I click the “reboot” button and the “restore default firmware” button. I am not using wifi to upload, but an ethernet connection.

I can still drive my ROV with a joystick, and run the last firmware I uploaded before it stopped working. When I upload firmware through USB and CGQ the ROV acts differently than it did when I uploaded the firmware through the browser.

I have been trying to figure out what is wrong for days now. Thanks for your help.

  • Why are you changing the firmware?
  • Have you installed any new programs on the pi, or accessed the terminal in the past?
  • What is your current Firmware + companion version?
  • Please share the firmware file you are trying to upload.
  • Please try the firmware upload, then when it fails, share a log that you can pull from the rov by clicking the button at the bottom of the system webpage.
  • Because I have built a small robot using components from bluerobotics that is supposed to drive according to a certain pattern. The code for the pattern is under development hence I constantly change the firmware. It was only a few days ago that I stopped being able to, and further development of the code also stopped. This happened suddenly without any obvious cause as I had not changed anything but the firmware I was uploading.

  • Yes

  • I have also tired uploading versions of the firmware that have worked in the past, and nothing happens. So it isn’t the firmware file. I also cannot do a restore to default firmware.

  • Current firmware is ArduSub 3.5.4, QGC - v3.2.4 rev4. I do not know what version of Companion Computer I have. It is for some reason not listed, but it cannot find any updates so I might have the most recent version. That or Companion Computer is not working properly.

  • log in attachments

Thank you.

webui.log (868 KB)