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Two electronics packages on one tether?

(John Griffiths) #1

I am building implements that use a M200 motor to drive the mechanisms. However, because I am running it from the channel servo on the Pixhawk, I have no real speed control over the motor. I am wondering if it is possible to use the same single twisted pair to carry data to a network splitter and then two separate fathom-x/pixhawk/raspi set ups. that way, I can use the thruster channels on the second Pixhawk to control M200 motors. I am guessing that should be possible if I have a different IP addresses on one raspi and two separate computers topside but I am worried I would get crosstalk trying to run two separate systems through the one single twisted pair. Anybody know more about that than me (which for the record. is close to zero!) ?
just as a matter of interest, I am now running QGC through a Lattepanda board with the idea I might be able to jam it all into a small Pelican case to make a hopefully waterproof computer. hate taking my mac near seawater and wet fingers.

(Rusty) #2

Hi John,

It’s absolutely possible to run two Advanced Electronics Packages (Raspberry Pi + Pixhawk + Fathom-X) on one tether. You will, however, have to adjust some of the settings on one of the setups. You’ll have to change the IP address so that the Raspberry Pi is on a different address like and also the ID of the Pixhawk so that it shows up as a separate vehicle in QGC.

You actually don’t need a network switch either because the Fathom-X boards can be operated in parallel. You can attach two boards to the same twisted pair on the vehicle and they can coexist.

That said, we can eventually add speed control to the external motors on the servo channels so that none of this is necessary. I’ll file that as an issue on Github so that we can get to it soon.


(John Griffiths) #3

Hi Rusty
great to know that!cheersJohn