Second Electronic Tube in an ROV


I am designing an ROV with the double electronic system.

The first tube will have the basic system with ESC, camera, navigator, and fathom-x.

Secon tube will have another Raspberry Pi and fathom, sensor communication cards. And I want to use the tether with both fathoms, two cables for the first tube 2 cables for the second tube.

So, there won’t be too much load on the first tube’s raspberry pi.

I would be glad to listen to any ideas.

Best regards


I have used before the cobalt cables and connectors and they work well. You can use them to interconnect both enclosures.

Moreover you can put an ethernet switch in one of the enclosures, that way you can interconnect both Raspberry Pi’s and other devices and only use one tether to connect everything to your surface PC.

Hi @Alex_UJI1 ,

Thanks a lot for your kind reply.

I thought I would put an ethernet switch for both of the tubes.

I will collect sensors’, DVL’s, and the other sensors’ data in the second tube and there will be an ethernet switch and fathom-x.

Then I thought that I would connect both tubes together that fathom-x with the cable that you sent. After that, I will connect the cables from the second tube to the tether directly.

I will connect the first tube fathom-x output cables with another twisted pair.

Then I will use 2 fathom-x to collect data on my computer.

So I thought there won’t be any high loads on the first raspberry pi.

I hope it will work.