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Multiple Fathom-X on Fathom ROV Tether

Hi all ,

do you have any experience with adding additional Fathom-X to the spare conductors on the Fathom tether , and running them together ? ( for example running 2 fathom-x subsea and 2 fathom X on the surface , on the same Fathom tether )

Has anyone experienced signal interfereces as the twisted pairs are not shielded ?

Thank you .

I don’t have any firsthand experience, but my understanding is that yes you can do this with up to three in total stacked onto the same twisted pair. I would assume a separate pair works also, but maybe there’s a shielding issue being on a different pair.

@DavideROV - We have a new, soon-to-be-released, MUX that replaces the Fathom-X in the BlueROV2 and allows for dual Ethernet signals over a STP (single twisted pair). Our new MUX also has 5VDC, 12VDC and 24VDC power supplies for devices that cannot utilize the available ROV power. (There are also more advanced capabilities onboard but will leave those until the official release.)

We have 5 of these MUXs in the field and will be complete with our first production run soon. If you’d like more info, just email or message me for now. We should be releasing an official datasheet soon. jeff@blue-linked.com

Yes, you can do this, but cross talk is a problem when using more than one pair (to the point of still communicating with some devices despite being disconnected), so best to keep everything on a single pair. …Subsurface you need a fathom board for each component, connected in parallel. Then at the surface you have a single fathom board, connected to an ethernet switch, connected to your PC.

Thank you Jeff , yes I am interested on your product . Let’s keep me updated :wink:


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts , it is much appreciated !