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Trouble connecting to ROV after update

(Ion Hernandez) #1

Hi I have done the update but something has been wrong and I can´t conect again to the bluerov in How can I update again?


Software Updates 8 May 2018
(Patrick José Pereira) #2

Hi Ion,

This updates do not affect the companion computer, you should be able to access it with the address
Please, take a look here about the Network Setup.

(Jacob) #3

Hi Ion, did you see any error messages?

(Ion Hernandez) #4

No I didn’t see. Suddenly the lights turned on and off. When I tryed connect again to it can’t. Tomorrow I will try again with other pc.


(Jacob) #5

Contact support@bluerobotics.com if you continue to have problems with it.

(Ion Hernandez) #6

Hi @jwalser today all works good! thanks you