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Sudden connection problem to BlueROV, please help!


BlueROV worked flawlessly until today.
Suddenly I am not able to get any connection to the ROV…

It seems to be connected: on the Fathom-X the 2 led’s (power + link active) are on, USB-LAN network connection is checked and active, the blue led inside the ROV is flashing etc.

But I am not able to reach the ROV through or
QGroundcontrol says: waiting for vehicle connection.

Using MacBook Pro 2019 i7 on MacOS BigSur 11.11.2…

Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem?


We have some suggestions in the Troubleshooting section of our docs.


we tried them all, but without succes.

In the end we managed to solve the problem: by changing the MicroSD card of the Raspberry. It was corrupt. We’ve flashed a new card and put it back in; problem solved!


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