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Tritech 720im multibeam Sonar

So here’s my next project, I’ll be integrating the Gemini 720im onto the bluerov2.

Details to follow along with possible videos.


Exciting form factor…

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Excellent! I think you’ll be impressed with the performance. I have had really good luck with the Gemini 720ik; it’s about double the price but well worth it. Do you have a plan for comms and power?

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I’m pretty licky having access to all of the tritech range.The 720ik is the next step, I absolutely love the image quality i get on the ik but at the moment we are working some developements with the 720im so thought it would be a good oportuniuty to integrate it with te Bluerov2.

For power im looking at this DC-DC converter https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/isolated-dc-dc-converters/8431733/

The 720 im works over serial RS485 and the 720ik is VDSL, so running them shouldnt be an issue.

I’m interested to see if we get any issues from thruster noise and also how much drain on battery life running the sonars will be and how it affects running time.

I’ll be carrying out testing with our micro Nav system USBL system as well.


Nice power supply! We use a slightly different brand on our mux board, but it’s effectively the same.

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Chris, hope you’re doing well! It’s been a while. Below are a couple links to forum postings we put up that you may already be aware of, but I figured it may be worth sharing again.

Regarding thruster noise, we have not seen any on our systems so far with the Gemini 720ik…

1.) BlueLink Multiplexer - DEPS MUX (Dual Ethernet Plus Serial). This MUX also has clean 12VDC & 24VDC DC-DC convertors built right onto the board. Everything you need to add a 720ik to the BlueROV2.

2.) Our surface powered SAR BlueROV2 system which has a Gemini 720ik mounted on it without adding a skid or changing the overall size of the ROV.

You have my email addy, shoot over an email if you have questions.

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I had a meeting with Mike Broadbent a few months ago. He kindly gave me a lot of his time going through the Tritech range. At that time I thought the 720im was going to be the best choice; especially here in the U.K. because water vis. is notoriously bad.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Saving hard, a few more jobs and I’ll have one :grin:

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Hi Terry, yes Mike is a really good guy. I’m going to start with the 720im and the 720ik and hopefully get the microNav USBL system on it for position hold and automation. Having used Pixhawk and ardupilot for my flying systems I know there is a auto survey capability on it so would be good to try and implement it

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Hi Chris, I was about to integrate reach RTK into my agricultural fixed wing drone when I discovered ROV’s, so I am familiar with mission planner / pixhawk. If you need any help, please feel free to ask.
Off to Cornwall in a few weeks as I have permission to video U1021. USBL would be useful.


Hi Terry,
sorry for the lack of response, I set up a email folder and didnt see the message notification till now.
Frustratingly, Istill havent progressed with this since installing the whips for the Micron and the Gemini 720ik sonars. somehow i have been busy and not be able to get back on this.

I’ll give you a shout when i can.



Hi all.

I wanted to know if it would be possible to integrating BlueROV2 with Tritech GEMINI 720im ?

We have the 720im, and we are looking for ROV that can be used with it. BlueROV2 would be perfect for us if it can be used together.

Thank you all


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Hi Thor,
Of course the Gemini 720im can suit the BlueRov2.
You should use another twisted pair with a fathom-x.

depending which Gemini 720im you have will depend how you integrate it.
The serial version with the micron connector runs on RS485 as standard and you will be able to use one the spair twisted pairs in the tether.
the Ethernet version is limited by tether lenght and has a maximum cable lenght of 80m.
this depends on the system and it is VERY sensitive to un-twisted sections of the wires.


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@diveexplorer @achat @Tritech_Chris

You can integrate it on the BlueROV2 ethernet network (which supports lengths to 200m+), without any additional pairs required in the tether.

The only thing you will need to add is an ethernet switch inside of the ROV.

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Chris and Jacob. Thanks… this is excactly the information that I need.

Have you info what kind of switch can be fitted inside the Bluerobotics housing ?

Basically any ‘ethernet switch’ will work. Some are smaller than others, which is helpful for the confined space. There are a few models floating around the forums that people have used in various integrations.

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