Tracing custom frame problem

I am trying to follow that link (Build ArduSub · GitBook) steps of building the ardupilot code and flash it on the navigator flight controller.

When I followed the steps and uploaded the .apj file then rebooted and opened the Navigator flight controller/raspberry pi through the web, i get the attached errors.

Where can I find the most stable version of code so that I can add a custom frame and upload without original-code problems.

Also, when going to BlueOs Version there’s the below error and the notification icon goes into the infine loop of failed fetching

Hi @eldinarymahmoud,

The Sub-4.1 branch is the most stable version of the ArduSub code, which is in-line with the ArduSub-stable tag (so checking out either of those is currently equivalent).

From the icons at the top right of your screen, your onboard computer doesn’t have internet access, so it makes sense that BlueOS can’t check whether there are new versions available online.

If you connect to a wifi network you should be able to update to the latest stable BlueOS version.