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Time formatting from tlog file

Hi all,

I downloaded a tlog file and exported it using MissionPlanner.
Now, looking at the data (here is an example : 1969-12-31 23:09:50.56: BAR2 {TimeUS : 7790567970, Alt : 0.0642857179046, Press : 101590.0, Temp : 31.51, CRt : -), I’m wondering how to convert the time_us field into a standard date ?

Date of deployment is supposed to be on April 2019…

Thanks a lot,


Your log date/time should be updated automatically if you are using the last version of ArduSub and QGC.
About the TimeUS value, “u” stands for “µ” (micro) a 10^(-6) unit. So “us” stands for micro seconds. Was the ROV on for 2 hours in this log ? Since this micro seconds value is equal to 2 hours, 9 minutes and 50.57 seconds.

OK, I understand. This TimeUS value is the first one on the tlog file.
So this value corresponds to the time elapsed since we plugged the battery ?

Hi, just an update…
To know if time_us values correspond to the time elapsed since we plugged the battery ?

Hi Jeremie,

Sorry for the delay, yes time_us is the time since boot.