Flight log time seems incorrect

So I’ve run my first mission in the blueboat in less than ideal conditions (20kn winds) and it exceeded my expectations! We’re trying to export the flight logs from the boat (qgroundcontrol froze and had to be restarted halfway, so the qgroundcontrol logs are split), and running into an issue trying to export the data in a useable format.

All we want is timestamps of actual time as well as GPS locations, but using the Log Viewer (UAV Log Viewer) we can’t seem to get the actual time. If we export GPS data from there into a csv we’re getting nonsensical ‘true’ time in binary format (saying year 4025). This is confusing to us because the logs seem to have recorded the correct time where they were saved. Log Viewer also gives a different strange time, saying it’s 2015 for some reason. Is there a different conversion we need to use other than the normal one?

Note this could somehow be due to some errors in the .lua resulting in incorrect LED blinking format that we’re also trying to diagnose.

Hi @Vincent -
Did you download the autopilot logs from the log browser in BlueOS? You should find complete logs from the mission here.

The time on the y axis of the upper chart is in milliseconds since boot. The time stamp in UTC timezone is displayed at the bottom along the timeline, and if you mouse over the upper graph the position of the vehicle is shown one the map. This position of the cursor on the timeline is shown in UTC time in the silver playback menu in the lower left - you can scrub through the data at up to 15x!

Did you modify your lights control lua script file?

If you did not open BlueOS during the mission, and the vehicle didn’t have internet access, it’s possible the Raspberry Pi did not know what time it was - and so the 2015 date was recorded. There is no real time clock (RTC) with battery backup on the Pi, and QGround Control does not support updating the vehicle clock.