Thruster 1 and camera mixing

Quite weird situation…
Simple ROV 4 configuration, thruster 1 to 4 connected to MAIN AUX 1 to 4 on the pixhawk. When I press the mount_tilt_up or down button the thruster moves forward and backward. In the meantime is not responding to forward/backward command (only thruster 2 is correctly responding). Thruster 3 and 4 work with no problems…

The camera is working though.

It may be some misconfiguration in QGC? ESC and motor are working (tested on another channel), then the problem is either the pixhawk or QGC…

Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you have the thrusters connected to the MAIN outputs or the AUX outputs? They should be connected to the MAIN outputs.

Please send a list of your parameters, and try resetting the parameters to the default.

Can you also clarify which output is responding to the mount tilt buttons?

Thank you for your answer. Yes, of course, all thursters are attached to MAIN outputs.

Camera servo is connected to output AUX 1 (or Channel 9) and input RC8, and it works well with mount_tilt_up and mount_tilt_down.

aa.params (20.8 KB)