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The X-ring in front of Gripper broke

Hello ,
The x ring in front of my Newton Gripper broke. I live in Turkey so I will buy x ring from here. Can you tell me the dimensions of the X-ring?

Hi @BarisMKT, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not sure which part you’re referring to. Are you able to get the dimensions you need from the 3D model in the technical details tab of the Newton Gripper page? :slight_smile:

Hi @EliotBR,
Thank you for your answer, but I couldn’t find in the technical details. The X ring required for sealing in front of the gripper is torn. I am looking for the dimensions of the x ring.

I’ve just asked about this internally and been told It’s a Buna-N x-ring -204, with 70A hardness. From a quick search, this link provides dimensions if that’s relevant :slight_smile:

When I asked I was told

Is there any more information you can provide about how the failure occurred? It would be interesting and useful to know if this was from regular/intended use of the gripper, or if there was some accident that caused it to get cut or something :slight_smile: