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Newton Subsea Gripper power screw failure

so the newton subsea gripper power screw mechanism, is made of a power screw and a thread that is made of some sort of plastic maybe it’s HDPE, anyways due to the usage the thread of the nut has failed and needs replacement, I need dimensions for the nut to manufacture one as i have noticed that the screw is square threaded which is hard to design.
please share nut and power screw dimensions.

I went to eBay, searched for “3d printer acme rod nut” and got alot of results that would suit you well.

Remember, when you fix something, don’t just replace the parts with the same crappy parts, redesign it so it keeps working after you fix it.

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thank you will sure look this up… but I need dimensions as it’s hard to order it here in Egypt.

Hi @Youssefattia_98

Please send an email to support@bluerobotics.com referencing this thread and we can replace that lead nut for you.