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The O-ring sled you never knew you needed

Have you ever neglected to change the back o-rings on your electronics enclosure because the thought of sliding those greasy rings over your immaculately organised electronics is too much to bear? Well friend I have a tool for you.

Presenting the O-ring sled.

Use your trusty o-ring pick to slide the o-rings onto the sled.

If you live in South Africa, click on my name(above) and send me a message. There is a good chance I will send you one :grinning:


Smart idea, and neat print!

Very good idea, and so simple, i like it ! :grinning:

Pushing may cause the oring twisting, long time ago, our enclosure leaks during stress testing due to oring twisting.
It is recommended to use cotton thread to pull through oring and flattening it.

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You don’t use this to push. I have found that the best way is to use the hook on the o-ring to sort of lift in a circular motion. I will take a video and share it next time.

dude this is so neat