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Tether Bandwith Problem

Hello everyone I have a puzzle for you,

We have two BlueROV2s, one of them is old(2 years old) and the other is brand new. We have three tethers: A tether(200m), B tether(300m), C tether(300m).

Today, we tested both ROVs on the workplace with all three tethers.
Old ROV + A tether(200m) = 50 - 60 Mbps
New ROV + A tether(200m) = 30 -40 Mbps

Old ROV + B tether(300m) = 8 - 18 Mbps
New ROV + B tether(300m) = 40 Mbps

Old ROV + C tether(300m) = 29 - 43 Mbps
New ROV + C tether(300m) = 50 - 55 Mbps

We have never seen a bandwith problem with Old ROV until today.
By the way, we tested many times, everytime results are very close.
The question is why Old ROV with B tether produce 8 - 18 Mbps bandwith?