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BlueROV2 - Electronics pkg options

(TonyNJ) #1

Hi, I’m interested in reserving a BlueROV2 and wanted to get more information about the electronics package offerings.

I really like the 1080p streaming of the advanced version, however is this running pure ethernet over the tether?(which would then inherently limit tether length to the ethernet spec max of 100 meters.) Or is the tether running serialized communications no matter which electronics option you use? Though I don’t plan on running deeper than 100m, a longer tether would be useful for the additional distance.

Also, is the 200ms latency a real number or is that worst case scenario? if it is the latter, what is expected average latency.


Any clarity on this would be great!





(Rusty) #2

Hi Tony,

Glad you’re interested in the BlueROV2. I’d be happy to clarify things for you.

The Advanced ROV Electronics Package is not using pure Ethernet over the tether. It is using Ethernet over a single twisted pair using a HomePlug AV driver. This should be good to well over 300m lengths at speeds of 80 Mbps. It acts as a transparent Ethernet bridge so it behave exactly like a directly Ethernet connection.

The 200ms latency is the real average for the 1080p stream. If you want lower latency, it can be lowered to about 100ms if you reduce the resolution to 640x480. The 200ms latency is very usable in my opinion and we have no problem doing fine maneuvering.

Let me know if you have any other questions!