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Test ethernet bandwith

Hello my friends,
We are using 300 meters tether. How can i test bandwith as mbps on tether ? Is there display on qground or etc.


If you Navigate to in your browser with the ROV powered up and connected and scroll to the bottom of the page. There are some tabs to test the uplink and downlink.
Hope it helps

Thank you for the answer.
Is there any chance to determination of wire broken ? I mean, example: if there is a wire broken issue we can display less than 10 mbps or if every thing is fine we should test more than 20 mbps.

The test will only give you the real time bandwidth. As the Tether only works on two wire I would expect there not to be any communication at all if a wire was broken completely. If anything maybe a loose connection, nipped or crushed area or maybe a soldered joint might be dry or not quite soldered correctly, if you are getting low bandwidth. If you know the Resistance of the cable over x meters maybe you can measure the resistance and see if you have high resistance readings. If you do suspect a break in the cable then best bet would be to use some test equipment like a TDR or a Wheatstone bridge.
Just an extra note, i put a post on here a little while ago to see what everyone was getting for bandwidth at different cable lengths. I think i was getting close to 50MB for 275m tether
all the best