Testing tilt servo command using MAVlink Inspector

I’m fault finding the camera tilt servo and would like to see the command as I’m not getting an output on the Pixhawk channel PWM channel. I’ve mapped it to channel 11 and would expect to see a command using MAVlink inspector at servo11_raw. Am I looking in the right place? I can see the thruster command values on channels 1 to 8 but servo9_raw to servo16_raw is reading seemingly random values.
The lights are mapped to channel 10 and they are working but I don’t see a corresponding value for servo10_raw when I give them a command.


We have an issue relate to this here:

But to correct this, you need to change some configurations in your vehicle.

  1. Access and add a line with --mav20
  2. Change SERIAL0_PROTOCOL to MAVLink2
  3. Apply both changes and restart the system to make sure that everything will work.

You can check here a simple video that I did with the lights.

Thanks for the tip. I couldn’t the text ‘SERIAL0_PROTOCOL’ but I found a workaround by swapping the tilt servo with the light channel and remapping them in QGC. I don’t understand why the tilt wouldn’t work on channel 11 but at least it’s working.