Test camera explore hd and gopro hero 11

Hi guys, in the last 2 years I have had little time due to work problems, now I have free time to dedicate to one of my hobbies. Yesterday I took a tour here on my lake Iseo in Italy, visibility in the water was rather poor, to see well I had to get very close to the subject. I went out with my boat on which I mounted a GPS watersnake engine that keeps me stuck wherever I want, so I put my bluerov2 in the water with the GoPro 11 and the Explore HD on board, I must say that the GoPro records up to 5 ,3k, I use 4k in 4/3 and then cut out the best portion of the video, while the explore HD inside the rov is less efficient, but still has an impeccable white balance, and is excellent for driving the bluerov . Good vision !


Great Video Marco! Up close those images are very clear. I’m not sure but think those cylindrical objects at the beginning of the videos are artillery shells? They look like the fuses have been removed so probably quite safe and maybe have been there since WWII? The machina seems more recent as has hydraulic brakes.
Anyway thanks for the upload and details of your dive.

yes, they are artillery shells, one of the many roads that the retreating Germans took in 1944 passed along the side of Lake Iseo, and then went to Val Camonica, then towards the Alps. Here it is said that the Germans unloaded trucks of ammunition, mortar bombs and so on into the lake. In fact there are points where there are hundreds of mortar bombs, rusty ammunition boxes and pieces of rifles, several reclamations have already been carried out by the Italian army, but being a landslide area, ammunition that was buried under the landslide comes back into view . In the last cleanup I think was in 2013, 585 weapons of war were recovered, but now there are some in sight again. As soon as I can I will try to make a video in the area richest in ammunition. If you go to YouTube and look for my channel, RUBAGOTTI MARCO, among my videos made while scuba diving, you will find a video that I made in 2012 before the cleanup by the Italian army divers, in which you see the bombs that were later recovered.


Wow that’s fascinating! Also your advice that it is a landslide area solves the mystery why all that rock looks quite fresh yet the munitions are obviously quite old. Maybe the BlueROV2 is a better option for cleaning up this area as it is quite deep to dive (and cold!).

Will check your channel as I’m only a newbie in this field and keen to develop commercial applications for ROVs. The BlueRobotics ROV provides an excellent development platform and high quality components. See my first ‘Dive Log’ on this forum ( ROV Rescue Pittwater, NSW Australia. Its a bit long and amateurish but we all gotta start somewhere!

I had already seen your video, very interesting, and you are very skilled at untangling the cable, congratulations. But I see sudden movements, usually when I film I use 20% gain and another thing I noticed, blurry image. If you remove the dome of the reverse, unscrew the lens screw and rotate the lens counterclockwise by about 40-50 degrees, you will see that the image out of the water is blurry, but in the water everything will be much sharper. Seeing is believing. After a few tests I got the best result. However, congratulations also for the camera on the cable, that point of view is really interesting.


Thanks for the tips Marco, much appreciated! Just to clarify is it the camera lens that is rotated to improve the image? I do notice this blurry image often but thought it was condensation as I left out the dehumidifier crystals last time I opened the electronics enclosure.

At the beginning I also didn’t understand why I had undefined images, I purchased various compatible cameras and many lenses up to 180° wide angle, but always blurry images. So I started to change the focus of the lens by rotating the lens counterclockwise, and depending on the type of lens I mount, I have to give more or less degrees counterclockwise, from 30° up to 90°. In the end I mounted the explorehd camera which has an excellent white balance, with a 110° lens which is approximately the same aperture as my GOPRO11 so that I film with the GOPRO11 what I see with the explorehd of the BlueROV2. Also look at this post of mine from 2022


Awesome Marco - Many Thanks for the explanation and scientific methodology! Must be the different refraction of light at the boundaries of air/air Vs air/water of the acrylic dome that causes this phenomenon? Will check it out when I next open the enclosure and let you know how it goes :+1:

I also think it is the refraction of the acrylic dome which changes the focus of the chamber in water. While the GOPRO11 has a flat glass in front and in contact with the chamber itself, so there are no changes in focus. I would like to try mounting an autofocus camera, I’ve seen some at an affordable price, maybe this spring, now winter has arrived here in northern Italy, going out on a boat is very cold. I dedicate myself to scuba diving and skiing. HI.

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