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Test lake Iseo ITALY

Hi, test mi new bluerov2 with gopro hero7 black.


Interesting to see @Marco, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

I’ve edited your post so that the video is embedded (so we can watch it in the forum).

Thanks EliotBR, but where do I find the explanation of how to correctly share videos?

Sorry @Marco, I thought I’d mentioned it to you previously.

You just paste the url directly, instead of setting it up as a hyperlink (e.g. instead of [http://...](http://...) it should just be http://... by itself. That’s also mentioned in Formatting a Post/Comment - In text - Hyperlinks section of the “How to Use the Blue Robotics Forums” post :slight_smile:

Thanks :wink:

@Marco Awesome! That’s a great video. How deep are you diving in this video? Is it during the day or at night?

at 22.00 in the evening :slight_smile: The engine of the plane is at 33mt, the wooden boat at 50mt. In this period the lake is still at 22 ° the first thermocline is at 20mt and there the temperature is at 13 °, the second thermocline is at 35 / 40mt and there the temperature is at 6 ° all year round. But above the lake it is warm and therefore there are microalgae which numb the water during this period. In winter, however, the water is much clearer. I am preparing to send the bluerov2 at 260mt and make a video of the bottom of the Iseo lake, which no one has ever seen. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s awesome! The thermoclines are very interesting. I’m not that familiar with typical lake thermoclines, but those are quite dramatic changes!