ROV Rescue Pittwater, NSW Australia

Just putting the final touches to a BlueROV2 I’ve been customizing for marine salvage work and an urgent need to deploy it arose. One of our hull cleaning ROV’s had become hopelessly entangled in a yacht keel and had to be left submerged on the seafloor over night (way beyond its specs).

The heavy configuration BlueROV2 I use here was equipped with a Newton Gripper and the Cerulean Omniscan 450 FS sonar (as well as the innovative ‘TehterCam’!). Worked perfectly on its first mission despite my limited experience flying it.

The hull cleaning ROV had sunk in only about 8 metres of water. While a diver would probably have been able to disentangle it without air equipment, the very cold water and a slight fear of bull sharks meant that wasn’t going to be me!

In anycase provides a nice use case for deeper marine environments where visibility, urgency and professional diver availability makes this BlueROV2 configuration a commercially viable option.

(appreciate any tips on how to embed YouTube videos in this editor!)


Hi @BillyBudd,

Sorry to hear you had to recover some equipment, but glad that you managed to do so, and that your BlueROV2 was able to help!

Thanks for sharing the experience - I particularly enjoyed seeing the “third person” view provided by the tether cam, as well as seeing the Omniscan in action in a practical scenario :slight_smile:

It embeds automatically if you paste just the raw youtube link (which I’ve done for you now for this one :slightly_smiling_face:).

If you’re after some additional tips on the video side of things,

  • it would likely be easier for people to engage with the parts of the video they’re most interested in if you add some chapters
  • it may be more accessible if you add your captions separately instead of baking them into the video itself
    • this has the added benefit of being auto-translated for viewers who are more comfortable with a different language
    • if you do this, it’s likely worth adding a message at the start of the video saying to “turn on subtitles” or similar, so viewers know they’re available
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Thanks Eliot - hadn’t really spent enough time on the BlueROV controls before this so a little surprised I managed to free it without damaging anything! Thanks also for the video tips - much appreciated although put the video together for another purpose but thought I’d upload it here to as really enjoy these videos.


Thanks for sharing your adventure - I’m with you on the whole avoiding Bull Sharks aspect :sweat_smile:

Cool setup, could really see the ROV going to work from the tether cam view!


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Hi @BillyBudd it’s always cool to see diving videos. Thank you for sharing. I was really impress by the

Is it a gopro that you add at postprocessing or you actually have a live feed? If so are you willing to share more info about this?


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Thanks Charles and yes it’s just a GoPro file from a camera mounted on the tether that is post processed. I did a poor job of synchronising as was my first try but is actually pretty easy to do.

I also would like learn how to incorporate a live stream from a 2nd camera in BlueOS. I have seen discussion on these forums somewhere about how to do that and think the camera just needs an IP address which can then be accessed via BlueOS to live stream and presumably record.

Mainly used for cameras mounted internally in the BlueROV electronics enclosure as a networked connection is required. However I also saw some discussion about using the IP address of an externally mounted WiFi enabled GoPro since the WiFi signal can travel short distances underwater. Think this ability may be limited to older versions WiFi enabled versions of the GoPro (V3 and 4?).

Unfortunately cannot provide more information but appreciate any advice others might have about how to do this.