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Temp & depth software

(Cordier ) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a software to visiualize on my computer a graphic with temperature and depth…

Does it already exist?

In advance thank you for your reply…



(Jacob) #2

Do you have some pressure/temperature sensors already? Is this for a sensor deployment/installation or a diver, vehicle or what?

(Cordier ) #3

Hi Jacob,
Yes i’ve both on my BV2
Thank you

(Jacob) #4

What is a BV2? Can you give us any information about the sensors?

(Cordier ) #5

The Bluerov2 sorry
Sensors are yours …pressure & temperature sensor

(Jacob) #6

The temperature and depth may be displayed in QGC, click the small gear icon.

(Cordier ) #7

Yes thank you , i know it ,
I just want to create a graphic with depth and temperature … with a software…does it exist one ?

(Jacob) #8

You can use Widgets->Analyze in QGC to graph live data. To graph logged data, see here.

Data string output
(Cordier ) #9

Dear Jacob,
Thank you so much for this reply…