Recording Bar 30 and Celsius data within QGroundcontrol

Sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere within the forum. Is there anyway that the data from the Bar 30 and Celsius temperature probe can be logged (with a time stamp) during the dive and saved to a file for later analysis?


Yes it’s possible, there are a bunch of different ways to go about it. We are thinking about how to make this easier for most use cases.

Check out this post and let me know if this will do what you want. Simulating GPS input to pixhawk using target tracking sonar - #17 by jwalser

Thanks Jacob - much appreciated. I hadn’t noticed that before.

I was wondering if there has been progress on this issue since this last post? I am hoping to log temperature/depth/time and I have limited experience with python.


@jhollarsmith Logging is available in QGC already. There is no issue. Please see the documentation here.