Tlog on Qgroundcontrol

Hey guys,

I’ve been having some trouble to play back my .tlog files.

Today we have been diving on open sea and have videorecorded 3 different species of dolphins, I have the videos saved on the folder QgroundControl/videos and plays great but when I try to play back the .tlogs with Qgroundcontrol it doesn´t show the video only the parameters like depth, voltage, gyro, temperature but not video.

What should I do? or perhaps what am I not doing?

Hello! So the .tlog (telemetry log) file contains all of the communications received from the autopilot. This data is independent of the video stream. QGC does not currently support playing back video with or without the telemetry.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the response, so how does the .tlog help to retrieve and post-process data if we cannot see where exactly these parameters are?

Should I record the screen of the computer hence i can see parameters plus video?


There is a lot of timestamped data in the .tlog that can be used in post processing. Video is not necessarily part of the desired dataset. When it is, then the video needs to be synchronized with the data manually. Video/data synchronization in post is something that we want to make easier to do.

If you want to play back exactly what you saw in QGC (video + telemetry) at a later time your only option at the moment is to use a screen recording software.

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Hello Luis. I’ve been having great results with this screen capture software:
It’s easy to use and records anything you want on the screen. Here’s a screenshot

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Thanks Jacob,

any recommended screen recording software?

hey @force10windsurf

Thanks so much I´ll download it and try it out.


I like Kazam on Ubuntu :). Thanks for the Windows recommendation @force10windsurf.

For windows we use Camtasia. Always we play camtasia with the QGC to record the screen