Technical Reference of Blue Robotics Products

As brought up in the StaROV project, I’ve started a Technical Reference on our website, which should help make it easier to quickly access 3D models, technical documents, and main properties of our products.

At this stage it’s very much a work in progress, so please use this topic to let me know whether there are particular components you’d like to see added as a priority, or whether there’s something else you’d like to see that would help make the reference extra useful to you :slight_smile:


Hey Eliot!

The Technical Reference page is awesome! Finally, a single page to get to the CAD and super easy to navigate!

The only thing I would like to request would be something like a version history for a product. Since you guys have been absolutely rocking the hardware evolution, and it is moving so fast, it is hard to see where we are. Eg. Does the BLUEROV2-R3 CAD include the WetLink penetrators? What actually changed in the assembly? Do we still have access to the older files?

Also, how can a person figure out what version Newton Gripper they have? I love the T100 (Retired) notation, but when a current product has a few versions, how do we know what the changes were without being intimately familiar?

Killer job, thanks!



Glad to hear you’re keen for it - I’m pretty stoked too! :slight_smile:

All our products have their dated version history at the bottom of the Technical Details on their product page. As you mentioned our hardware updates haven’t exactly been stagnant, so including every revision detail on the broader technical reference page likely isn’t practical.

It’s perhaps worth noting that while we’ve continually been updating our products since the company began, we’ve recently changed to more explicit “R” changes on revisions that affect the end-user, which is discussed in a bit more depth here.


Depends what you mean by this. Downloadable files I believe we’re trying to keep available across versions (e.g. datasheets and 3D models), but the full in-depth technical details tables not always - it depends somewhat on how big of a change there’s been and how long it’s been since the change.

External changes like swapping over to a WetLink Penetrator are relatively easy to check for, but internal ones your best bet is comparing the purchase date to the dates in the gripper revision history :slight_smile:

If that’s inconclusive (e.g. because you don’t have a record of the purchase date, or bought something second hand) you can either post here or contact our support team ( with photos of the internals. That likely isn’t an issue for most products, and in future will be less relevant because we’re moving to make revisions more traceable and externally verifiable across our product lineup :slight_smile:

Hi Eliot!
You have done a nice job with the “Technical Reference” gathering on the documentation side!

I wonder if there could be a similar summary for the software side?
It would be nice to have one place to see latest BR approved versions of the software versions.
Like QGC, Ardusub, Ping, Companion, Docker etc
Now it is not easy for our customers to find out what is latest versions.

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Hi @Boko,

Thanks! Progress has been a bit slow on it because I have several different projects ongoing at the same time, but I’m glad to hear you’re a fan of the idea and what’s there so far :slight_smile:

Great idea, thanks! I definitely agree that would be useful, so I’ve added a section for Software and Firmware in the technical reference :slight_smile:

I haven’t yet completed filling out all of the corresponding descriptions and documentation links, but I’ve put the versions in, and I’ll get to the extra info when I can allocate some more time to it.

Appreciate the feedback/suggestion :slight_smile:

Thanks, great!
Will help customers, and probably give less customer support questions.

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It’s been a long time in the making, but hopefully that comes across in its usefulness - I’m very happy to announce that all sections of the technical reference are now filled in! :smiley:

As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome, including for missing information that you’d like to see, or alternative ways to present the information that may be more intuitive or helpful :slight_smile:

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