BlueROV2 R3 differences

What are the differences between Bluerov2 and upcoming BlueROV3?!

Hi @Daverov, while we likely will release a BlueROV3 at some point in future, I’m assuming you’ve been confused by the “R3” revision on our BlueROV2 product page. It’s a bit confusing at the moment because the BlueROV2 is currently on its second revision (R2), which is mentioned in the “Revision History” section of the Technical Details tab.

From the top of the page (in the red box):

So not a major overhaul, but still a significant enough change that we think it’s worth tracking as a separate revision. It upgrades the end cap from having 14 to 18 holes, and continues our changeover process of upgrading potted penetrators to our awesome new WetLink ones (the main change from BlueROV2 R1 to R2 was upgrading the thrusters to slightly larger cables with WetLink penetrators) :slight_smile:

Hi @Daverov,

In addition to what Eliot has said, I would like to point out that even before we started publicly tracking “R” level revisions to our products, we have continuously been making major/minor improvements and changes to the BlueROV2 and other products over the years.

However, in the last year it has become necessary operationally to start tracking these changes more explicitly, and a few products, including the T200 thrusters and BlueROV2, have incremented the “R” level a couple times recently.

You can find the full revision history of the BlueROV2 in a list at the bottom of the “Technical Details” tab on the store page. Under our new standards for revision tracking, the BlueROV2 really should be somewhere around “R10” or so, but we decided to continue going incrementally forward from this point, even if we missed a few major revisions in the past.

In short, though this is one of the more major updates to the BlueROV2 (we think eliminating more potted penetrators in favor of the WLP is a pretty big deal!), similarly large updates have happened in the past, but we’re tracking them more explicitly now, with public “R” level changes to the SKU.



Fantastic - thanks very much for the detailed response!

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