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Taking screenshots with Logitech F310


Hi all!

Is there a way to assign taking screenshots with one button (on controller) while using F310 controller with BlueRov2?

We need QGC telemetry (temp, depth, heading…) info while taking photos and it would really help us in our missions while inspecting underwater.

Thanks in advance,

(Jacob) #2

This is not possible at the moment, but might be added in the future. I agree this would be a handy feature.

(Svein H.) #3

Many run a screen record program to be able to do this.



I tought so, but screen recorder takes up quite a lot of computer resources and our laptop is not capable of handling it in current setup.

(Marcus) #5

Have you tried offloading the task to a separate device? We use these Definitely notice less strain on the CPU

(undersearobotics.com) #6

@spotxuv - So the laptop sees the ezcap280 as an external monitor? That’s a pretty slick solution!

(Marcus) #7

Yup! File sizes are large, but quality is good, and I think you can use high capacity drives if needed (we just use 64GB USB thumb drives)


Thank you @Marcus, that is a great info, but still want to explore screenshot options for now.

I managed to get it to work with Logitech software but still needs some testing. Will post method here as soon as I test it more, so you all can have that solution.