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Taking screenshots with Logitech F310


Hi all!

Is there a way to assign taking screenshots with one button (on controller) while using F310 controller with BlueRov2?

We need QGC telemetry (temp, depth, heading…) info while taking photos and it would really help us in our missions while inspecting underwater.

Thanks in advance,

(Jacob) #2

This is not possible at the moment, but might be added in the future. I agree this would be a handy feature.

(Svein H.) #3

Many run a screen record program to be able to do this.



I tought so, but screen recorder takes up quite a lot of computer resources and our laptop is not capable of handling it in current setup.

(Marcus) #5

Have you tried offloading the task to a separate device? We use these Definitely notice less strain on the CPU

Video recording with overlay telemetry
(undersearobotics.com) #6

@spotxuv - So the laptop sees the ezcap280 as an external monitor? That’s a pretty slick solution!

(Marcus) #7

Yup! File sizes are large, but quality is good, and I think you can use high capacity drives if needed (we just use 64GB USB thumb drives)


Thank you @Marcus, that is a great info, but still want to explore screenshot options for now.

I managed to get it to work with Logitech software but still needs some testing. Will post method here as soon as I test it more, so you all can have that solution.


Hi all, I’ve successfully tested screenshot taking via Logitech F310 joystick, so will post procedure here.

Programs needed are:

Logitech profiler


  1. Install both software provided in links above.

  2. Open Greenshot -> Preferences (located in system tray, right click on icon and find “Preferences”, if not visible Greenshot is not running so run it first).


I set up to capture full screen, just because i need whole telemetry that is shown, you can do differently ofc. Now in “Hotkeys” section, make some “weird” combination of keys that you do not click usually, so later we can bind that combo to Logitech F310.
I went for “Ctrl + O” combination.


Next go to Output and set up your “Storage location” and “Filename pattern”. I use dedicated folder for ROV screenshots and default filename pattern, find it good enough for later use.
Next go to Destination. Make sure that “Select destination dynamically” is not checked. Next choose “Save directly (using preferred file output settings)”. What this does is without any pop ups it saves current screen to folder that we made as “Storage location”.


This concludes work in Greenshot for this procedure.

Although, I do recommend Greenshot for regular use, I use it for years and it works great, with enough modifications that can be done to it. This modification slightly cripples the program, but it is easy enough to make your way around.

  1. Open Logitech profiler (with connected Logitech F310).

Go to Profile -> New…

In first textbox name your profile however you want. In second textbox find your executable file for QGC (mine was “C:\Program Files (x86)\QGroundControl\QGroundControl.exe”).

Next click OK.
Then, lets make that profile our default profile for this controller
Go to Options -> Global Profiler Settings…
Tick the “Apply persistent profile” and choose you new profile.
(note, you can skip this step if you want your custom profile to be active only when selected app (QGC) is active, but I’ve found that to be “buggy” and not consistent).
In “General Behavior” list, check “Start Profiler at system startup”, if it is not already checked. I also have “Switch selected device to ID 1” ticked, but do not know if that does anything.
Click OK and close window.
We will now bind our Greenshot’s key combination to a joystick button. Button I choose was “RT”. but you can modify these “rules” to your preferences. Lets click on “RT” in starting menu, and then “Select Command” -> “New Command…”


Give a name to command in first textbox, and “Record” command in second box, by pressing “Record” button and pressing “Ctrl” then “O” then let go of “O” and then “Ctrl” (I think I am making this complicated by splitting it like this haha). Eventually, final result should be:


Finally, press OK.
You can now close Logitech Profiler and it should minimize itself to system tray.

You should now be able to take screenshot with “RT” button, wherever you are, as long as both Greenshot and Logitech Profiler are running.

This is basic procedure that (if I didn’t make any mistakes haha) should work, captures wholes screen (you can change that) and should be fairly easy to use and modify, until better solution comes up.

If I have any mistakes in my procedure or grammar, sorry and please let me know so I can fix it, and of course, if you have any questions about this post them.

Bye :slight_smile:

P.S. sorry for lacking pictures, uploaded few of them, but as newly registered user I am only allowed for one picture per post…

edited: got new member status so uploaded more pictures :muscle:

Inspection of the mooring lines and the export cable of a Floating Wind Turbine
(Jacob) #10

I will just mention that we have this down as a desired feature to add to qgc natively. There is no set timeframe for that at the moment, however.

(Eloi Droniou) #11

I have successfully implemented mateov’s screenshot method (F310+profiler+Greenshot). Many thanks.

However it seems to work only if the F310 switch is on D whereas Bluerobotics’ software setup page says it should be on X (http://docs.bluerobotics.com/brov2/software-setup/).

Could you please advise if it is possible to use the X-mode with mateov’s method or alternatively if the D-mode is OK to work with?

(Jacob) #12

It will depend on your system driver: https://support.logitech.com/en_my/article/21696?product=a0qi00000069ueWAAQ

x uses the newer XInput driver
d uses the older DirectInput driver.

XInput is newer, which is why we advise it.

The only way to know if it will work is to try.