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Joystick button for recording video

I would like to know if it is possible to assign a joystick button for video recording or to take pictures


Hi Antonino,

This isn’t possible in QGC right now but it’s on a list of features we are interested in adding in the future. I’m sorry it’s not available already!

Let us know if you have any other requested features.



It would be especially nice since the record button is now buried in a menu tree instead of down in the corner where I could tap it on my touch screen laptop…

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There are no possibilities to create a function who can take picture and then assign it to a button?

With the custom option left?

@sigane17 if you have some new about taking picture I’m interrested.


Unfortunately, the video is currently handled exclusively by QGC (ardusub itself has no control over it), so some changes are required in there.

Hello Antonio
you can uses software joytokey free download
you have to setup for take pictures o any other funcion
for take picture you have set gamepad button \ win+alt+print creen

Hi all,
You can also have a look at mateov’s solution below which uses a third party recording software:

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