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T100 power lead replacement

(Richard) #1

@ Rusty - How difficult is it to replace the power leads on the T100 (standard ESC)?

(Rusty) #2


The leads are sealed with potting inside the nose cone of the thruster. It’s not easy to replace the cable entirely, but it is fairly easy to cut the cable and splice on a new cable if necessary.

On the thruster with BlueESC, there are three individual conductors running from the ESC to the thruster. Those can also be spliced to a regular cable or new BlueESC.

Why do you ask? What do you want to achieve?


(Richard) #3

@Rusty-I have completed installing the T100’s on to my “small” WTE. Lead length has been cut in half to fit in the 4" round x 8" WTE. In the future I may want longer lead lengths for a larger ROV. Only reason I was asking. Install is going well, but the wiring is taking a lot of time and thought due to size restrictions. I am working hard to keep everything minimized to keep drag to a minimum. With luck, I will be doing a pool test by the New Year.


(Rusty) #4

Okay. Great. Clean wiring always takes much longer than you’d think! The probably the most time consuming part of putting together our BlueROV.

Good luck!