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Surface Controller

(Christian) #207

…if you look at mine i have 2 joysticks(on/off buttons(2 way)) in front of my hall effeckts i use the buttons on top of the hall effect, to tilt cam, and use the “joystick” in front for the gripper… when i have upgraded it i will have the same with pich and roll in front of the hall effect;)…and just change the gripper in front of the vert joystick ;)…really practical to have everything within fingers reach ;)…and still have your little finger around the handles :cowboy_hat_face:

(Christian) #208

https://www.tme.eu/gb/details/atph-1865-300-mt/desktop-enclosures/bopla/atph1865-300-mt1/ …and the handles i buy at IKEA ;)) wayyy cheaper :wink:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/THGS-AC-240V-5A-4NO-4NC-Momentary-2-5mm-Fixing-Thread-Joystick-Switch/32721411216.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.6d2b4c4dXO1MLg here are the “Joysticks” ;)…was difficult to make it “nice” so i just glued them on :wink:

(Christian) #209

the channels activates on a pulse on and off on the same button;) …no i dont think they have made the pich control analogue yet;) …if you see down, you see how i fixed it for now :wink: the flip switchés will be changed with momentary, but by now i dont have the need ,) have a lot on my " joysticks" in front of my hall effects too :wink:

(Nikos Maurommatis) #210


in my first design I used toggle switch instead push-buttons for camera and gripper but I found difficult to operate them. I find push buttons to be more easy to operate. Also, I found difficult for my right hand to do a second operation except the 3-axis joystick, so I moved both the camera and gripper buttons in front of the left joystick. At the same time because the left joystick is a single axis I can operate it with only one finger, the thumb. So I can use the index finger and the middle finger for {camera-titl-up and camera-titl-down} or {gripper-open and gripper-close} . Between the joysticks I have put push buttons for the lights and gain. In front of the right joystick I had put the arm/disarm and modes buttons because these buttons would be the least used buttons. When I finish the build I will checked how long you can work with a setup like that.


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(Christian) #211

…if it get too much… BR beer :wink: …sorry if this isnt allowed BR?..but i had to show it… just saw it on the store today :wink:

(Etienne Demers) #212

Here is a waterproof version I built for a client.

Much better buttons. Still backlit. Next version will have a switch to turn the backlight on/off.

(Etienne Demers) #213

Good one Paul.

Just a side note, 505-442 is the full harness with the buttons for those who buy the joystick with the dual buttons on the top.


(Christian) #214

Nice Etienne ;)…you shuld try the joystick with two buttons on top, its brilliant for the camera tilt ;)…i use my thumb and logfinger for the z axis, and pointing fingre for tilt, and grabber i have in front of the joystick, so i use my pointing finger there too;) …i cant say for anybody else , but its so natural and easy using one hand and all theese controllers at the same time :slight_smile:

(Etienne Demers) #215

This is my upcoming controller.

It will have 4 trims and 4 gains for additional thruster control.

The LCD in the center will indicate the values of gain and trim.

I am still using HALL effect joysticks and adding encoders for thrust and gain.

I will be using micro controller to process the signals before it will send to the computer.

This means that QGC will just process the joystick signals as normal.

I won’t be giving any indication on how to build it as it will be a commercial product that will pair with my surface PDU and my own version of the BR2.


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(Christian) #216

aa i have to stydy again then;)…sad we are starting to not share, but i definetly see your point!, there are some(a lot) Greedy people out there now trying fool peopler with magick rov`s… to prices from Hollywood?..but All in All Etienne youre the Man, thnks for all support and help, will say you have been the biggest help in here, between us BR users :wink:

(Andrew) #217

I am building dynamic surface controllers for different sizes of mobile touchscreen devices. The larger the device, the more relevant features you see on the screen without having to navigate to a different tabpage.

Below is my smallest early version for a mobile phone. It will be made prettier in the future with better css. I also have another version where the buttons are replaced by on screen touch joystick.

The overall focus is to provide a simple easy to use interface to the user while doing some very complex smart things in the background.

(Christian) #218

…as im kind of out of knowledge about this, but is it possible feks to make a own control panel of all the settings and adjustments on a seperate touch screen to the Bluerov system? …not for controlling the ROV, but for settings?

(Andrew) #219

I have a custom built BlueRov2, but from what I have seen the settings are roughly similar - certainly from how settings are maintained, and I manage those on the touchscreen. I am not sure if that option is available with the ‘off-the-shelf’ setup.

(Christian) #220

ok…no i havent seen anything myself, but would be a cool to have :wink: either on or beside the controller :wink:

(Gwa Gwa) #221

Hi Andrew,

I have been wanting to build a very simplified version of your mobile app. Is that a mockup or do you have something working. Please can you share some details?

(Andrew) #222

Hi Gwa Gwa

The image is from my working mobile app for my iPhone (camera image changed for this post).

I have a similar (but more comprehensive) setup for my Samsung tablet but the screens are structured differently to best suit the screen space available. In both cases there are additional tabpages for other details such as settings, parameters, graphs of environmental sensors etc.

The mobile apps are built on a NodeRed dashboard served up by the ROV. NodeRed talks to python scripts also on the ROV,

The NodeRed / Python scripts manage:

  • cameras, sensors, lights, IMU, GPS, google maps etc.

  • manual thruster control (6 thrusters)

  • depth hold, heading hold, and speed hold automated thruster control functionality in conjunction with the sensors and any additional manual thruster input.

  • manual and automated update of settings and parameters and system health checks.

  • configurable audible spoken alerts and updates

I am testing, refining, and doing bug fixes at the moment but it all works…

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(Etienne Demers) #223

Changed the format a bit.

This will be the mapping of the buttons:

I am using my own controller instead of the Leobodnar board and programmed it with 13 bits of resolution for the joysticks. The encoders are also going to the board for signal processing which allows for the hall effect benefits to remain untouched.

The joystick I am now using has one button on it. I am using it as an alternate way to program the trims.

So its either you dial the trims manually or find a sweet spot and press the button.

The trims are independent from the gain so they do not change if you change the gain.

Basically, the gain affect the physical joystick and the resulting values is added to the trims.

The enclosure will be IP54 equivalent rating.

Just waiting for all the parts now to put it all together and test it.

I hope to be able to sell this at the end of February.


(Christian) #224

…the trim you are talking about is for the truster right?..if so my i ask how you aproach that soultion?.. sometimes that conquers all auto func…or combined, soo helpful in work in current?..or is this one of your “children”?;)…or do you share?:wink:

(Etienne Demers) #225

Hello Christian,

The trims and gain are indeed for the thrusters. I am not going to elaborate too much on it as it is a product I intend to sell. The auto functions will act the same as what they are now.


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(Christian) #226

ok…seems like i have to hire a coder ;D Good luck :wink: