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Surface Controller

(Christian) #207

…if you look at mine i have 2 joysticks(on/off buttons(2 way)) in front of my hall effeckts i use the buttons on top of the hall effect, to tilt cam, and use the “joystick” in front for the gripper… when i have upgraded it i will have the same with pich and roll in front of the hall effect;)…and just change the gripper in front of the vert joystick ;)…really practical to have everything within fingers reach ;)…and still have your little finger around the handles :cowboy_hat_face:

(Christian) #208

https://www.tme.eu/gb/details/atph-1865-300-mt/desktop-enclosures/bopla/atph1865-300-mt1/ …and the handles i buy at IKEA ;)) wayyy cheaper :wink:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/THGS-AC-240V-5A-4NO-4NC-Momentary-2-5mm-Fixing-Thread-Joystick-Switch/32721411216.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.6d2b4c4dXO1MLg here are the “Joysticks” ;)…was difficult to make it “nice” so i just glued them on :wink:

(Christian) #209

the channels activates on a pulse on and off on the same button;) …no i dont think they have made the pich control analogue yet;) …if you see down, you see how i fixed it for now :wink: the flip switchés will be changed with momentary, but by now i dont have the need ,) have a lot on my " joysticks" in front of my hall effects too :wink:

(Nikos Maurommatis) #210


in my first design I used toggle switch instead push-buttons for camera and gripper but I found difficult to operate them. I find push buttons to be more easy to operate. Also, I found difficult for my right hand to do a second operation except the 3-axis joystick, so I moved both the camera and gripper buttons in front of the left joystick. At the same time because the left joystick is a single axis I can operate it with only one finger, the thumb. So I can use the index finger and the middle finger for {camera-titl-up and camera-titl-down} or {gripper-open and gripper-close} . Between the joysticks I have put push buttons for the lights and gain. In front of the right joystick I had put the arm/disarm and modes buttons because these buttons would be the least used buttons. When I finish the build I will checked how long you can work with a setup like that.


(Christian) #211

…if it get too much… BR beer :wink: …sorry if this isnt allowed BR?..but i had to show it… just saw it on the store today :wink:

(Etienne Demers) #212

Here is a waterproof version I built for a client.

Much better buttons. Still backlit. Next version will have a switch to turn the backlight on/off.

(Etienne Demers) #213

Good one Paul.

Just a side note, 505-442 is the full harness with the buttons for those who buy the joystick with the dual buttons on the top.