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Surface Controller

(Christian) #227

aaa i Also want Manually"Auto Hold" :disappointed_relieved: … is this part possible for you to sell me?..and how much will it be? aprox…or havent you come that far?

(Etienne Demers) #228

Auto-Hold can only be achieved by adding a DVL and programming Qgroundontrol.

This is something for the Bluerobotics guys to develop as I do not touch the Qgroundcontrol software.

A DVL is at least 10Kusd but Bluerobotics guys could likely make one using 4 ping altimeter on different frequencies…

Also is will only work near the bottom…

Alternatively machine vision technology could be used to keep hold from the video feed. Now that would be something really nice…

(Christian) #229

I dindt mean Actually Hold, manually (potmeters feks)… if i have x,y and z im happy!.. make the better…:wink: if you have experience its enough… “Station keep” the old way, just a little nudge on the joystick here and there… Old school :wink: