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Surface Controller

aaa i Also want Manually"Auto Hold" :disappointed_relieved: … is this part possible for you to sell me?..and how much will it be? aprox…or havent you come that far?

Auto-Hold can only be achieved by adding a DVL and programming Qgroundontrol.

This is something for the Bluerobotics guys to develop as I do not touch the Qgroundcontrol software.

A DVL is at least 10Kusd but Bluerobotics guys could likely make one using 4 ping altimeter on different frequencies…

Also is will only work near the bottom…

Alternatively machine vision technology could be used to keep hold from the video feed. Now that would be something really nice…

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I dindt mean Actually Hold, manually (potmeters feks)… if i have x,y and z im happy!.. make the better…:wink: if you have experience its enough… “Station keep” the old way, just a little nudge on the joystick here and there… Old school :wink:

Missing a couple screws to complete REV2 USB joystick.

LCD In. tomorrow wiring.

Finalized the joystick today.

Works very well.

Gain and trims perform flawlessly.

I will post a video soon.


Hello all,

here is the video I promised. I am not a video tutorial superstar like Rusty so just focus on the product :slight_smile:



@etienne - Awesome! Nice video and the functionality is great.


Hola vendes estos controladores

Si, Arctic subsea robotics on fb :wink: …but its Easy to build yourself :wink:

…there will be different types… so what are you looking for?..the one i make myself will be about 1000 dollars plus shipping(Hall effekt), the other will be cheaper,but its in the future…i am consentrating on other things now:) https://www.facebook.com/Arctic-Subsea-Robotics-302153853974072/?ref=bookmarks …but you can see here… i guess this is ok BR?

Nice one…

Regarding DeltaROV’s controller.

I understand that the trim roll and trim pitch are done using the black “rotation buttons”. That is for the “heavy” version only, correct?
Would it make sense to have another joystick for trim roll and trim pitch to behave similarly to the “toggled” joystick using the green button on logitech controller?

Hi Eloi,

That is incorrect. Trim and gain are for thruster controls. For instance, you are operating in current and want to compensate without touching the joystick. Or you are in 100% gain and want to reduce the rate of rotation. Etc.

Pitch and roll trim controll are done with the blue and white buttons above the main joystick.

They could be wired with a little stick with switches. Same for the tilt, the lights etc.

I adopted this configuration because it’s very intuitive, the buttons can be seen in the dark and the whole ensemble is easier to make splash proof.

In the end there are many configurations possible. This is why I sell the controller in parts so those who wish to make their own variation can.


By now, I’ve seen quite a few custom controllers (thank you to everyone who has posted up their projects!) and I am considering writing a step-by step guide in the same style as our “Learn” Guides. Some customers don’t like the Xbox controller, which is understandable, and I am interested in trying out a 3-axis joystick.

A question for the pro’s: I have seen a variety of 4th Axis (Depth) input styles on various controllers. Paddle, thumbstick, dial, thumbwheel, etc. What input style do you like and why?

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…After a lot of different systems and controllers, ill say mine… i buildt it like i wanted, the f15 stick or similar(4 func)are fancy, but heavy to use(WROV)(its “practical” for All fingers use bec of tether and cam tiltpan)… thumpstick is ok for cam, Vert stick…well as i have or similar… 3 axis with 2 toggles…Perfect for this system, but this is for everybody that have been working with this, to decide…but a x box or playstationcontoller is a waste of ROV !!! buy a drone;D… its like buying a Ferrari and get Fiat wheels on?;D …straight forward i have the Best controller on the marked, and All that makes their own will say the same!!!:wink: 4 axis we DONT need, we dont have a Rigmaster to control too??.. the gripper you use a finger;) …so i would recomend to All that you make it as simple as possible, and make them with joysticks…even switches!.. i have 4 joysticks, but i also have switches too(10):wink: …knobs are knobs… even if they have light;D …witch is just a waste… if you have to Look at your controller to understand whats going on , then practise;) …just got a 11 yr old boy didnt have to seee the controller(or readings)… understood it after 5 min!.. use your experience or look for some! …dont listen to people like Me feks;D… we Know… but its not shure you will Know the same after a while, but i will say one thung Fingerstick is the deal… the Logiteck or F-15 is Shit in the long run, you dont have the same feeling as your fingers!! …else feel yourself on the board… where its natural?..its All about control and comfort!;)…and Yes i made mine, after working with the constructror of Merlin Wr 200 …and he Knows whats good for what! :wink: but we didnt agree about the F-15 stick;) …my Old “baby” Argus Rover have a chair now with same setup as mine;)

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Hi Kevin,

I have flown ROVs for over 20 years using several makes and vertical control styles. Without question the paddle stick is the best to fly an ROV in my opinion as it is comfortable and intuitive.


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