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Surface Controller

(Etienne Demers) #186

(Etienne Demers) #187

These are crimp connectors. You need to buy a proper crimper but I just use long noze pliers, solder and patience.

(Christian) #188

ok…thats what i thougt…so i have to buy another set of connector and pins… and be moore patient.:wink: (and Maby get a thinner cable;)… so for the time beeing im settlig for a Cheap 3 axis just for seeing…;)…so hopefully its wet test tomorrow;) Tnx mate :wink:

(Nikos Maurommatis) #189

@tciii, I will setup the wires and start testing. For the 3-axis joystick I want to map: a) Forward /Reverse, b) Right/Left (lateral) and c) Yaw right / Yaw left. I think something like your setup.

@etienne, thank you very much for your diagrams. They are what I need!!! For vcc and ground, I need only one connection only on one axis? No vcc and ground connection for every axis, is that right? I am sorry for the basic questions but I haven’t setup joystick before.


(TCIII) #190


That is correct, you need only one +5vdc wire and one ground wire for the entire joystick and not one +5vdc and one ground wire for each axis.


(Christian) #191

…Yes i was frustrated…now i have to go back, from my mac;) (i thougt it was the oppsite?:)… Windows do it… mac is Not stable… hopefully i will have wet test tomorrow, dry test is ok… but the trusters are supposed to make som #Skweeky plastic" sound when they are dry?..and my tilt on the cam makes a sound when i pan down…have to pan up a nudge, to make the sound stop?(the sund is a very high noice)…sorry for late answer… dont have the BR2 with me ;)…but back in buisness…:wink:

(Nikos Maurommatis) #192

@tciii, thank you for your reply. Could the +5vcc be from the USB connector of the board or from a separate source?


(Christian) #194

Usb is enough :wink:

(Etienne Demers) #195

USB 2.0 supply 0.5 amp. as long as you are not powering anything else its all good since the joystick board is high impedance, very little current is necessary.

The +5v and gnd on the board are all linked together to the USB from your computer. DON’T plug external power on that. Connections are there to facilitate wiring, you don’t have to use them.


(undersearobotics.com) #196

APEM sells a pigtail cable with connector that makes this step infinitely easier.

(Nikos Maurommatis) #197

Thank you very much, @ROV and @etienne!!

I hope to start assemblying in weekend and I will let you know for my progress…


(Christian) #198

Any link? Mouser dont do anything… :frowning:

(undersearobotics.com) #199


Part #505-444

(Christian) #200

i didnt find anything on that nr… but i sorteded out with a Norwegian company so withing a few days…but then i will have been trying my cheap 3 axis first… :wink: drytest its stable by now;D …but ill se maby build moore if anyone is interessted…:wink:

(Vegard) #201


Still waiting for my ROV system to arrive, so I have not yet gotten the oportunity to work with this “on-hand”

I am also in the process of building a surface controller, all builds around the Leobdnar 16ch card. I am still little confused what “setup” tha BR software is expecting from the digital inputs.

I think I have read that it is not possible to send the signal on one channel with a “flip-switch.type”, so all digital signals to the board needs to be in momentary mode. So one channel activates a function, and another channel deactivates? Have i got this right then?

And for the pitch control, can this be also controlled with an analogue hall effect controller? Or is it still trim_inc / trim_dec on two digital inputs that apply?


(Nikos Maurommatis) #202


about the Apem see: cable https://gr.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Apem/505-444?qs=sGAEpiMZZMsB9HsreUc%2biQotNcHY77HrOgoxT3rbhgo%3D


(Christian) #203

Im ok :wink: tnx …all working;)

(Nikos Maurommatis) #204


nice! To connect the BL miniature joystick to BU0836X is the above wiring enough or do I need something else:

Thank you in advance!


(Christian) #205

Yes :wink: …hope to see when you are finshed;) funny how nobody makes the same;)

(Nikos Maurommatis) #206


Thank you! Yes, my setup is different, I will put two couples of push buttons (camera tilt & gripper control) in front of bl miniature joystick in an angle so as I will be able to manage the four buttons without take my fingers from both joysticks. When I am ready I will post some photos. Do you have any link for your case?