Suggestion-valve reminder popup in QGC

Is there a possibility of adding a popup message to QGC to remind users to close all valves? For example if depth<1m, the message appears, then it closes once the unit is deeper than 1m? We’ve had a few clients dive without the valve installed (despite our big red warning stickers)!!

Hi @spotxuv,

Our pre-dive checklist already specifies to

Given the variety of other checks that should also be occurring before launching an ROV into the water, adding a specific popup warning in QGC for that particular situation seems to somewhat arbitrarily place extra value on that particular check, which may de-value other checks.

I agree that actually following pre-dive checks is important, and there could likely be some more effort put into making that an interactive process rather than just a list that ROV operators will hopefully read and go through.

Off the top of my head a “minimal” solution would

  • automatically display a pre-launch checklist when a vehicle is connected
  • have an option to “never show again” (for users who don’t want it)

and an “ideal” solution would additionally

  • optionally allow physically checking off each item as it is completed
    • with an option to disallow continuing until all boxes are checked off
  • allow custom additions
    • presumably read in from some kind of file
    • possibly even stored on the autopilot itself
  • automatically perform some extra checks using vision, e.g.
    • tilt the camera and check that the video feed changes/moves
    • turn up the lights and check that the video gets brighter on average soon afterwards
  • allow lower frequency checks (including recommended maintenance scheduling) to be tracked and presented as relevant

If you’d like to you’re welcome to create a GitHub issue about this on the QGroundControl repository, but I can’t provide guarantees about if/when it will be worked on (by Blue Robotics, or other developers). You can of course submit a pull request if you are able to implement it yourself - QGroundControl is open source after all :slight_smile:

I will at least raise this internally to see whether we can allocate some time to it, although some of the components may be better handled by BlueOS than the autopilot’s firmware or the ground control station, so could end up there instead.

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Hi Eliot, thanks for the detailed reply. Yes, my initial thought was to just have a popup, which the user can close (and choose to never show again if preferred). The other options would be a nice to have, but would obviously take significant development time

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