Suggestion for a more appropriate product name

Blue Robotics is a field leader in remotely operated ROV’s. However, an ROV is also a remotely operated airplane, car, boat, crawler, rocket, whatever etc. BR should be the leader in using a more descriptive name. Be bold, do it. Your product is a Remotely Operated Submersible (ROS), When your new BlueROS3 comes out, please call it that.

Kinda funny when you Google the term “Remotely Operated Submersible” the letters ROV come up all over the place.

Frankly there are products sold by this company that can be purposed on crafts other than submersible. I would hope that one would be able to handle the jolt to their system when they come to the site and don’t find remotely operated rockets … that doesn’t come out until the next few years.

Hi @model14, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I would have to second @hscadden’s comments - ROV is an established term that’s already predominantly used for the underwater industry (other vehicle types tend to have their own names already). In addition, ROS is very well known in the robotics community as “Robotic Operating System”, which is not at all submersible-specific and would be a significant source of confusion (there are already various ROS-related posts on this forum).

A more self-evident term would perhaps be “Sub”, but that’s already widely used for submarines, which is generally a different type of vehicle. I agree that “ROV” is not the most intuitive term for newcomers, but coming up with an alternative that isn’t already used elsewhere would likely involve creating an entirely new word or acronym, and there’s no guarantee that industry adoption would follow - it’s quite likely it would just end up being considered the name of our vehicle. If you’re particularly not a fan of the genericness of ROV there’s also ROUV, which is an existing more explicit acronym but is less widely used and potentially a bit harder to remember (especially as part of a name).

Alternative vehicle name and vehicle type name suggestions are of course welcome, but we can’t guarantee we’ll use them or that they’ll gain traction :slight_smile:


When someone calls them Underwater Drones, it makes my skin crawl.


Hi I have been working in the ROV industry for over 25 years and all have been the submersible type. As previously mentioned I don’t like the term drone for a submersible ROV, they do have a bit of a tarnished reputation.


It looks like industry is changing some terminology also, I’ve seen a few companies now loosing the ROV Pilot or ROV Supervisor positions and going with Subsea Robotics Pilot or Supervisor.