Streaming audio in companion beta

Everyone, a few days ago I remembered that years ago the rovs transmitted audio (a fantastic function in my opinion) but over time the function was discontinued, so the intention was born to recover that function in some way, I am currently using companion beta 1.1.0 on my raspberry 4, I’m not an expert on the subject, so I’m looking for any possible help, what I want to do is connect a usb hydrophone and channel the audio to the ground station, and play it in parallel to the video, I know that Qgroundcontrol discontinued the audio, so I was planning to play the audio separately in VLC, although I’m not sure if all this is possible, thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @seba,

As per the original beta post:

You can check that linked issue to follow our progress (and/or contribute), and see how the original audio stream was handled in Companion :slight_smile: